Where's Bob?
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  1. My Memory
  2. Whiskey Whispers
  3. Cool Fucking Sunset
  4. Tomorrow Wont’ Be the Future
  5. The Moon and Morning Star
  6. Money Isn’t Everything
  7. Where’s Bob?
  8. Subterranean Homesick Blues
  9. Nearly Beloved
  10. My P-Role Officer
  11. Sunflowers Turned Away
  12. Little Woodblock

My Memory

My memory's too good
For things I do not care for
My memory's not good enough
For the things I care about
I get negative, unconfident
Focused on how to pay the rent
You see,
It's a tragedy
I used to see it in the eyes of the older guys
Now I feel it in my bones
I'm scared to take a leap until my life's complete
I get paid all I'm owed
I can feel each nick and while the clock still ticks
Heaven help me if I write it wrong,
This here song, have I gone on too long?


Is it time that builds up pressure?
To make you take your daily measure
Now you've come to know
There's nowhere new to go
Now that you've earned your day of leisure
I can't hold you right
I've lost my sight
I'm flying down a narrow road
Where it is that we'll go?
I really need to know.


I've got an M.D. in heartache
Doctorate in heartbreak
PhD in what's wrong with me,
Professor of misery
I can hold a grudge
Refuse to budge,
Remember every slight
In the middle of the night
Please, help me make it right.


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Whiskey Whispers

Whiskey whispers in my ear
You're back in my arms my dear
Whiskey kisses on my neck
I know you'll make my life a wreck
Your Whiskey giggles obliterate
Any sense I might've had of late
Whiskey morning then too soon
Whiskey afternoon

Now I know the things you say to me
Are all a lot of show
And you swore to all the gods above
The whiskey you'd forego
Now you're lifting me away
On your cloud of whiskey dreams
But your mountain-whiskey powered carpet ride
Has no parachute packed for me

Whiskey landings are a separate deal
They'd be a nightmare if they weren't for real

I've been to your whiskey driving school
There's no stop signs, speeds, or lanes
You're a whiskey-drinking, driving, bachelorette
And you're never going home again
In your whiskey psychic network
There's a land of unbroken dreams
And the whiskey-town village doctor
Made you a newborn once again

Take two steps toward the car
Now, you're a shooting star

The things that whiskey lets us do
We'd never do without,
A jigger full of whiskey
A snifter of no doubt
We're crying, and prying, and trying things
That Oprah wouldn't do or say
But our whiskey-drinking, tantric-psychotherapy
Will never see the light of day


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Cool Fucking Sunset

He didn't think he'd be sad
He told Tommy and Brad
Not to worry a bit, he was all over it
With a determined look took a gratuitous hit
It was a cool fucking sunset

He got in his car and he went on home
And he cried into his bag of dope
He pulled at his hair
And with a thousand yard stare
Decided he cared just a bit
It was a cool fucking sunset

Engine was cooling down
Last of the warm sun was gone
Nothing's ever going to break this spell
Then Brad knocked over the bong
It was a cool fucking sunset

He could always smile and his face never changed
Years would go by and his friends were amazed
He was back in time and she was just a kid
He liked her like that and that's where he hid
Next time he'd act like a serious guy
Next time he saw her, maybe she'd cry just a bit
, It was a cool fucking sunset

Matt: It's gonna be nice tomorrow
Erik: Sweet!
Matt: Corduroy out to the horizon it's crazy man
Erik: It's sooooo glassy!
Matt: Hey man, it that your little brother?
Erik: Oh, don't worry, he's cool.
Matt: You going out tomorrow little man?
Erik: Yeah, he'll be out there.
Matt: Fuckin' grommet!
Matt: We're gonna crack it man, crack o' dawn!
Erik: First thing,
Matt: Yeah,
Erik: Last one up's a rotten egg.

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Tomorrow Won't Be The Future

A couple of guys were talking
About stocks and bonds and scores
The future they could see
From their office on the 98th floor
They ate organic beef on plastic spoons,
From a Chinese factory
They talked a lot about whether or not
They could save the world for free

Then a call came in from further up
And told them all the news
Their futures were secure and
They'd surely get their due
But their ideas just weren't selling
On the Tokyo exchange
You can't fix the world for the price it costs
To build it all over again

And tomorrow, won't be the future
It's hard to sing,
It's difficult to say
But tomorrow, won't be the future
Looks like it's happening today.

Old Rusty Sykes designed the spikes
To make the railroad gleam
And his son knew how to make a tire
From a dinosaur museum
Their next of kin knew that the wind
Could save us all from doom,
But he's put his faith in his new myspace
Alone up in his room
He said, "Tomorrow, Won't be the Future."

He had the keys to the city
He threw them down the drain
He had the key to heaven,
He got on the road the merry-go-round again
He took the key to the highway
On the road to Armageddon
He said a saint I aint
Your ideas are quaint
But I think I'd rather win

And tomorrow, won't be the future
It's hard to sing, and difficult to say
But Tomorrow won't be the future
Looks like it's happening today,
Looks like it's happening today
Maybe we can save it some old way

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The Moon and Morning Star

Alone near the mountaintop
Night is leaving me
On a granite bed, soft sand beneath my head
The sky is open wide
It's secrets there to see
But you're not there to share them with me
We're not here forever
Not a trace is left behind
Evening under the mountain sky
All the years unwind
There is one simple thing that is true
The moon and morning star remind me of you

I am not ambitious
For anything you can see
No one calling during working hours
Has any news for me
I'm glad of what I am
But life's always been improved
By the very nearness of you


Well, trouble comes and trouble goes
A lot of life we've been through
And all the possibilities were the right thing to do
The path that we chose
The only one I would choose
Always brought me closer to you


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Money isn't everything

Money isn't everything
If it were, I wouldn't have anything
Money isn't everything, it's true
Because everything is you

You can't tell a poor man money isn't everything
If he's got no roof over his head
Tell him to fight for what is right,
Like a place to sleep at night
But don't remind him, money isn't everything

You can't tell a poor man money isn't everything
If the clothes he wears are a stranger's hand-me-down
Tell him hard work is what it takes
And with a couple of lucky breaks
But don't remind him, money isn't everything


You can't tell a poor man money isn't everything
When he walks those lonely miles to work a job
You were better off behind the plow
Don't remind him, money isn't everything


It's easy for some folks to say
If they've never lived that way
Me, I've got my love for you
Which might just make a poor man stop from singing the blues

You can't tell a poor man money isn't everything
And it's time, we all made a sacrifice
If you're told every day to do
What a rich man tells you to
No one can tell you, money isn't everything


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Where's Bob?

Where's Bob, oh little darling?
Little darlin', where is Bob?
Where's bob, oh little darling, Where is Bob?
It's nice to meet you,
Honey, where's Bob?

I finally got a chance to date the prom queen
She took me home to meet her family
At last I could hold my head
Above the common mob,
Untill they asked her one by one
Where's Bob?


We hit all the hot spots
And bathed in her beauty
I gazed at her, and searched her eyes
I held her hand and met
all the girls from her job
they all asked her, one by one,
Where's Bob?


I wake up to a phone that isn't ringing
Angel above, Bob, is that you singing?
I was once without a care
Now I whisper a little prayer
I think I love you, but honey,
Where's Bob?

She cried, she couldn't take one more dance
She had no rhythm, but the rhythm in her pants
Bob had pushed her out in the bright lights,
Where the men were twice her age,
Then came Bob's father, walking towards the stage.

Where's bob, oh little darling?
little darlin', where is Bob?
Where's Bob, oh little darling, Where is Bob?
It's nice to meet you,
Sister, Where's Bob?
Where is Bob?

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Subterranean Homesick Blues

Johnny's in the basement mixing up the medicine
I'm on the pavement thinking about the government
The man in the trench coat badge out, laid off
Says he's got a bad cough wants to get it paid off
Look out kid it's somethin' you did
God knows when but you're doin' it again
You better duck down the alley way lookin' for a new friend
The man in the coon-skin cap in the big pen
Wants eleven dollar bills you only got ten

Maggie comes fleet foot face full of black soot
Talkin' that the heat put plants in the bed but
The phone's tapped anyway maggie says that many say
They must bust in early May orders from the D. A.
Look out kid don't matter what you did
Walk on your tip toes don't try "No Doz"
Better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose
Keep a clean nose watch the plain clothes
You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows

Get sick, get well hang around a ink well
Ring bell, hard to tell if anything is goin' to sell
Try hard, get barred get back, write braille
Get jailed, jump bail join the army, if you fail
Look out kid you're gonna get hit
But users, cheaters six-time losers
Hang around the theaters
The girl by the whirlpool lookin' for a new fool
Don't follow leaders watch the parkin' meters

Ah, get born, keep warm short pants, romance,
Get dressed, get blessed try to be a success
Please her, please him, don't steal, don't lift
Twenty years of schoolin' and they put you on the day shift
Look out kid they keep it all hid
Better jump down a manhole light yourself a candle
Don't wear sandals try to avoid the scandals
Don't wanna be a bum you better chew gum
The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles,now

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Nearly Beloved

Nearly beloved
Nearly all mine
Nearly as certain as the next train down the line

Dearly believing
Dear she be lying
Dear she'll be leaving on the next train down the line

I thought I made the fastest time
Until you came along
You got 'em coming left and right
Singing a sorrowful song

Nearly Beloved
Nearly all mine
Nearly as certain as the next train down the line

I know we've seen our fair share of
Partners do-se-do
We could cut our losses, raise the stakes
Give this thing a go

It was a teary retrieval
Bleary revival
Leary receiving from the in-laws down the line

Nearly Beloved
Nearly all mine
Nearly as certain as the next thing down the line

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My P-role officer

My p-role officer
He taught me what to do
Talkin on his walkie-talkie
Clockin other fools
Look both ways before you do your crime,
Everybody knows you can turn a dime.

I was peepin my P.O.
I didn't see the black and white I got caught jackin' hoochie from my coochie-coo
Boy, that's something you ought'n ought to do
It was my police officer

My police officer
He taught me what to do
Talking on his radio
Clockin other fools
Look both ways before you do your crime
Gimme my share or your doin' time

I paid police officer
Got away clean
I'm about to count the loot
Somebody grabbed my sleeve
Hey said, "I like the way you operate,
But now you pay the rent."
To take my dough was his intent
It was my neighborhood criminal

My neighborhood criminal
He taught me what to do,
Talking on his cellular,
Clockin' other fools,
Look both ways before you do your crime,
Keep your mouth shut when you're doing time

Things didn't go just like I planned
And now my life is sitting in this fella's sweaty little hands
He says do like I tell you you'll be just fine
They'll ask for 10 and I'll get you 9
(It was) my pub-lic defender

My pub-lic defender he taught me what to do
Talkin' on his telephone, tryin' to save a fool
Look both ways before you do your crime
We can appeal you got plenty of time

Here I am standing at the gate
The judge called me a such-and-such, and such a reprobate
He said, "When you get out I got just the man,
In fact, your crime pays his pension plan."
This guy Dan is none other than….
My P-role officer

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Sunflowers Turned Away

Morning broke so clear and still no leaf nor grass did sway
A day so hot upon the noon the sunflowers turned away
The flowers turned unto the east to escape the sun's bright ray
And I turned to face that dusty road
Though my love would always stay, dear
My love would always stay

Your love so bright my heart it shined forever in a day
No less the pride that I felt to have you share my name
Share my name and all my life in the rolling hills of home
And I knew with you my heart would stay
My love would never roam, dear
No, my love would never roam

The day broke hot with crickets shrill and I heard what I had to say
The devil himself was talking to you and I lost you for a day
For a day you ran and sowed your oats or so, you did explain
But I met your smile with hardened pride
And turned your love away dear,
Turned your love away

So many times I longed to feel the touch of your soft hand
Burst the damn and let the water rush a wave upon the sand
Or a wave upon my soul, my breath does rise and fall
But my lungs blow a dry and hollow wind
Only proof that I'm here at all dear
Only proof that I'm alive at all

I've traveled long enough to know our story's not the only one
I've forgiven you a thousand times but still I'm bound to run
I'm bound to run and I do half-blind but not too blind to see
That day I left our love behind
Would mean the world to me, dear
Would mean the world to me

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Little Woodblock

The price of oil and the price of cotton
The debt we owe on the land we bought
The socialists and the democrats
Daddy's never home and momma's just like that
The worth of school and of kerosene
I'll show you momma just what I mean


Her dying words were don't you cry
Smile like me don't you cry
Smile little woodblock by and by
Let momma and poppa, let them cry

He walked the land and he rode the rail
He fought the facists through the thick and pale
Put a smile upon his dancing girl
And shared it with the great big world
He kept the wishes of his sister then
Never cried when he saw the acts of men
He smiled when he was lonesome

He reached a hand that reached beyond
The towns and roads that he was on
He reached across never up or down
Never shamed or flattered the folks he found
Strum a song never came out wrong
Remembering just how his sister longed


And he changed his mind about a 100 times
The last to know about the party line
And he probably never meant to be unkind
But he treated girls like a worn out dime
And everybody had a helluva time
Trying to keep up with the ramblin' mind
Of a ramblin' kind

Inside any room that he occupied
Others saw the child that never cried
He felt her close at every step
Shared her burden and knew his debt
To her foolish simple sacrifice
Beyond her years and long beyond her life


And on mermaid lane he touched the ground
Changed the diapers, lost his fool around
Not his joy for the love that he found
In a simple room in a seaside town
Prepared to cry, laugh, or die
He'd need the courage of his sister, by and by.


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David Rubin-drums
Paul Olguin-bass
Erik Pearson-guitar, banjo, vocal, and vocal arrangements (wall of Bob)
Peter Lax-harmonica
Matthew Lax- guitars, mandolin, vocal

Beloved Guests:
Backgournd Vocals: QB Williams,Dore Coller, Sonya Hunter, Richard Linley-vocal, Kaye Rodden-vocal, Ted Rodden-vocal,.
Guest Musicians:
Jon Dryden-piano,John Mader- drums (tracks 2,4), Joe Kyle- upright bass,Laurie Kost-fiddle, Dave Zirbel-dobro & pedal steel.

Basics Recorded at Wild Plum Studio (Paul Tumolo, engineer).
Matt's Vocals recorded at: The Tree House (Mark Karan engineer, vocal production), Niagara Falls studio (Bruce Kaphan, engineer).
All other recording done by Matt at home, at New West Studios, (Richard Linley, ancillary button masher), and at Jon Dryden's house.

Produced by Matthew Lacques
Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Hart at The Site, Ana Dunham assistant.

Silkscreen by Peter Nevins, Album Design by Misisipi Mike, Photos by Mark Johann.

Thanks and love to Nicole and The Boys. Special thanks to Mark Doten for pro-tools consultation.
Thanks to everyone for their support, creativity, and patience!
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