Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved Recordings

This House of Mine
Release Date May 2015

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March 2012 Release Attaboy Records:
Where's Bob?

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Song List
1. My Memory
2. Whiskey Whispers
3. Cool Fucking Sunset
4. Tomorrow Wont’ Be the Future
5. The Moon and Morning Star
6. Money Isn’t Everything
7. Where’s Bob?
8. Subterranean Homesick Blues
9. Nearly Beloved
10. My P-Role Officer
11. Sunflowers Turned Away
12. Little Woodblock
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2002 Attaboy Records release
Hurricane and a Tumbleweed

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Song List
1. Hurricane and a Tumbleweed
2. C.C. to Mama
3. Honest To Godforsaken World
4. Wildflower
5. I Couldn't Love You
6. Boo-hoo
7. Pigs for Pets
8. Worst Thing About Going Crazy
9. Swing Until the Rope Breaks
10 My Good Heart
11.Love Takes the Place
12.One Heartache At a Time
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Wanderers Dream
© 1998 Matthew Lacques

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Song List
1. Small Town After All
2. My Love
3. I Saw You Look Up
4. Sophisticated Heart
5. You Were Gone
6. Wanderer's Dream
7. Iddy Biddy
8. A Man Like That
9. Darling Jane
11.It Just Happens
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